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  • Pushcart Prize XLIV (2020)

    Pushcart Prize XLIV
    Pushcart ( )
  • The O. Henry Prize Stories 2015

    The O. Henry Prize Stories 2015
    Anchor Publishing ( )

    The O. Henry Prize Stories 2015 gathers twenty of the best short stories of the year, selected from thousands published in literary magazines. The winning stories span the globe—from the glamorous Riviera to an Eastern European shtetl, from a Native American reservation to a tiny village in Thailand. But their characters are universally recognizable and utterly compelling, whether they are ex-pats in Africa, migrant workers crossing the Mexican border, Armenian immigrants on the rough streets of East Hollywood, or pioneers in nineteenth-century Idaho. Accompanying the stories are the editor’s introduction, essays from the eminent jurors on their favorite stories, observations from the winning writers on what inspired them, and an extensive resource list of magazines.

  • Surreal South '13

    Surreal South 13: an anthology of short fiction
    Press 53 ( )

    The fourth book in the every-odd-year series from Press 53, originated by Laura Benedict and Pinckney Benedict, where "The dead will rise; witches will dance; swords will lunge; beasts will roam; gods will snicker; space and time will slip; slumbering horrors will shudder awake; innumerable eyes will watch your every move. Welcome to Surreal South '13, the fourth volume in the anthology series featuring stories embedded in the surreal and seen through the perspective of the American South, fiction that lives on the fringe." -from the Introduction by Josh Woods, Editor

  • 24 Bar Blues

    24 Bar Blues: Stories
    Press 53 ( )
    Editor Andrew Scott (Naked Summer) brings together twenty-four authors to share their stories of bruised eyes and hearts, busted dreams and guitars, drunken nights and sober truths. Lee K. Abbott, Rusty Barnes, Victoria Barrett, Robert Boswell, Karen Brown, Eugene Cross,Jennine Capó Crucet, Murray Dunlap, Roxane Gay, Becky Hagenston, Holly Goddard Jones, Victoria Lancelotta, Sarah Layden, John McNally, Kyle Minor, Debra Monroe, Darlin' Neal, Michael Parker, Victoria Patterson, Andrew Roe, Jared Yates Sexton, Chad Simpson, Anne Valente, and Richard Yañez.
  • Crazyhorse 50th Anniversary Issue

    Crazyhorse 50th Anniversary Issue
    Crazyhorse ( )
  • Surreal South '09

    Surreal South 09: an anthology of short fiction
    Press 53 ( )
    "Sublimity, as we choose to define it, is that quality a story possesses when it is, in its entirety, completely unpredictable as well as completely inevitable and authentic.... A story-a real story, of the type that we've gathered here; not the mock-stories, the painless, bloodless vignettes that make up so much of today's "literary" fiction-involves apocalypse. Apocalypse means a revelation (the literal meaning of the word apocalypse is a "lifting of the veil"), and a very specific type of revelation: the destruction of an old order, followed by a time of disorder and chaos, and the replacement of the old order by a new and entirely different order.... Sublimity and apocalypse. Anti-rationality and surreality. The call for the literary artist is nothing less than to reveal and remake everything; and the writers whose work you are about to experience have boldly answered that call. We invite you to abandon to its well-deserved fate the wreckage of the rational, and to enjoy." - from the Introduction, by Laura & Pinckney Benedict
  • The Versus Anthology: Volume 1

    Let's pick a fight. And not just any fight; let's pick a fight between our most iconic characters and forces, or even between extraordinary, original characters, or with people from our very real pasts. Anything goes. Some of today's most innovative writers and artists did just that in this book: each picked a conflict, made it come to life, and now present the aftermath to you here in the first anthology to take up this challenge, Versus.
  • Prize Stories 1996: The O. Henry Awards

    Prize Stories 1996: The O. Henry Awards
    Anchor ( )
    For the past three decades, William Abrahams has selected the O. Henry Award winners. Building on a tradition that spans over three quarters of a century, The O. Henry Awards has been "widely regarded as the nation's most prestigious awards for short fiction" (The Atlantic Monthly). Every year, Abrahams has chosen a diverse group of stories and writers to create a collection that includes perennial favorites as well as an increasing number of lesser known writers, many of whom have gone on to become seminal voices in current American fiction. Prize Stories 1996 is both William Abrahams's thirtieth anniversary as Editor of this landmark collection and his last, which gives this collection a special resonance. The twenty or more stories selected for this honor each year are culled from a broad range of American magazines both large and small, offering the reader the full sweep and variety of today's fiction. As in previous years, Prize Stories 1996 concludes with a contributors' notes section including comments by the writers on the inspirations behind their stories, providing readers with a unique entré into the writers' creative processes. Representing the excellence of contemporary fiction writing, these stories demonstrate the continuing strength and vitality of the American short story.